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PAT Capture

A tool to download data directly from common PAT testers.


Our PAT Capture tool is a small utility that allows you to download data directly from the tester without any external software.


Download from Seaward testers, including Europa, Europa+, and Supernova.

Seaward PAT Capture (09/12/2015) Download

General Release


I have a Seaward tester. How do I export the data?

Please follow these steps:

  • Connect the tester to a serial port on your PC.
  • Load our PAT capture application.
  • Select the serial port the tester is connected to and press the 'listen' button. On the tester, go to the 'Comms' menu and select 'Send data'.
  • The output format should be PATS+.
  • When all the data has been transmitted, PAT capture will present a 'Save as' dialog allowing you to save the data as a file ready to upload to

I have a Megger DV3. Can I use this tool?

No. Megger provide their own version which is freely available: Link

I have a Megger 410/420. How do I use this tool?

This tester exports PAT data using a memory stick rather than direct connection to a PC.

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