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trackingThis Booking Management

trackingThis provides full support for equipment booking and hiring, and gives complete information about when and where an item is being used

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trackingThis is a robust booking management system that optimises operational efficiency by giving instant access to availability information at the point of need.

Keeping track of equipment is a key activity in a busy organisation with many employees and an intense production schedule. With trackingThis, you minimise frustration and costly delays by making sure that everyone in your organisation can see when equipment is booked or needed elsewhere.

Every item you register has its own profile, complete with booking and availability records, instructions, maintenance history, fault and repair reports. The corresponding items have a QR identifier, which you scan with a smartphone or tablet to gain access to the information or make a booking. This eliminates the possibility of confusion about whether an item is available or booked by someone else. When integrated with our Technical Access Passports, 10 Second Checkout™ allows staff to speedily check borrowed or hired items out from your stores. This reduces checkout times and ensures that all relevant information about the booking, and the booker, goes on the system instantly and automatically.

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