PAT Test Myth Busting

This week we wanted to share some myths about PAT inspections. It is something we are particularly passionate about so wanted to make sure you are able to release some time and energy from testing.

Myth: I have to do PAT tests by law.


Firstly, it is not called ‘PAT inspection’ anymore but ‘Inservice Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’, or COPISITEE for short, however for the sake of this article we will be using the term ‘PAT’. Secondly, you are only legally bound to ensure equipment is safe for use. There is nothing in law that says you have to do a PAT test. However, it is a widely accepted that following COPISITEE is a good way of demonstrating equipment is safe.

Myth: testing is only for equipment with a plug on it.

False – not anymore.
Anything that is not covered under the fixed wiring inspection process is covered under COPISITEE.
Myth: I don’t have to inspect anything under 50 volts.
As we said before the law only says the equipment has to be safe for use so, whilst it is widely accepted that you cannot get an electric shock from under 50v, it doesn’t mean someone couldn’t be injured and the equipment still needs to be safe for use.
Myth: Everything has to be tested once a year.
It depends because, some items will need to be formally tested more frequently than once a year, others might not need to be tested at all, with a visual inspection being sufficient. You should determine the test frequency for each item by doing risk assessments.
Myth: I have to individually test items in a rack
In this case, the whole rack can be treated as one item and such only needs a single inspection. Dismantling the rack is likely to cause more issues than leaving it in situ.
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Published 17 November 2020 13:08 by Dawn Richards