Fleet Management

Vehicle data all in one place

Keep all data about each vehicle within its profile allowing for easy access and organised data history. From purchase date to body serial number, anything you need can be stored within this space.

Fault reporting

Use the easy fault reporting process to highlight a problem in a vehicle. With different levels of severity, you can easily know if it needs an urgent fix or just a niggle that can wait for a quiet moment.

DVLA Automatic Notifications

When you have lots of drivers all needing DVLA qualifications it can be hard to keep up with which ones need renewing. trackingThis can connect to the DVLA and send you notifications when qualifications or licences need renewing.

Vehicle checks

Give all your drivers the ability to complete vehicle checks before they set off, even if they have no mechanical experience. The system will guide them through the process so that all the correct information is collected, and an alert is given if there is a problem.

Vehicle availability

Always know if a vehicle is being used and, if so, who is using it, all from its online profile and our booking availability calendar. This can aid you in allocating vehicles efficiently so that everyone gets the vehicle they need when they need it.

Track driver hours

With our check in and out system you can keep an eye on how long your drivers are out on the road, when they take breaks and, in the end, know how much to pay them for the jobs.