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More than just a rental system, our solution allows you to create complex and unique events with equipment and crew, all on the same bookings, with different timings and with a portal to allow clients / freelancers to manage their bookings, complete forms, and sign agreements.

trackingThis Asset Management Profile

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Make sure nothing ever goes to long without a check with automated notifications and allow employees to report faults directly onto the system. Both mean assets are less likely to break and if they do you will be able to catch it quickly and resolve the problem.

trackingThis Asset Management Real-time Availability

Availability and scheduling

With our advance booking feature and availability calendar you can always make sure assets are available when needed and compromises can be thought out in advance when appropriate.

trackingThis Asset Management Alerts

Dashboards and reports

Produce reports and audit documents by exporting data through templates and see at a glance your preferred high-level statistics with dashboards.

We save you from...

... unsafe assets being used.

Automatic notifications of issues like faulty assets or failed inspections via report, dashboard, wallboard, email or SMS.

... entering the same data hundreds of times.

Add large numbers of assets with their data into the system with just one spreadsheet. No more wasted hours adding the same information over and over again!

... not knowing who has what.

The availability calendar shows you any asset that is being used, where it is, who is using it and when it will be back.

... volatile spreadsheets.

The system logs all data changes made so that nothing is lost and you can rely on it for reports and audits.