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Frequently Asked Questions

trackingThis provides online profiles for physical things - guaranteeing the integrity, visibility and accessibility of asset, inspection, service and safety records.

General Questions

What is trackingThis?

trackingThis is an internet portal for the storage and management of equipment records, inspection histories and safety certificates.

What is a trackingThis ID?

A trackingThis ID is a company independent serial number.

trackingThis IDs are pseudorandom, non-sequential alphanumeric codes. They are not case sensitive and exclude ambiguous characters like the letter 'o'. They contain our custom bi-directional check digits to prevent attempts to guess IDs.

What can a trackingThis ID be used for?

A trackingThis ID can be used whenever an asset needs a unique reference. They are most suited when an asset has history records in different places because it can tie the records together - acting as a hub joining different companies' systems.

What types of inspections / records does trackingThis support?

trackingThis is designed to manage any kind of inspection, service, maintenance or history record. The primary design was based on complying with PUWER, LOLER, and DROPS.

We have our own type of inspection type that is not listed on your system. Can it support it?

Yes. Additional functionality and rules to support almost any kind of inspection report or record can be very quickly added. We are not yet allowing customers to add their own (we are working to add this soon) so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can we attach our own documents or reports to an item?

Yes, please look at the features page for a full list of functionality

How do I add an item?

To add an item you need to purchase a block of trackingThis IDs. These are normally in the form of uniquely identified labels. Contact our sales department for more information.

How much do the labels cost?

This depends on the type of label and the quantity.

Contact our sales team for more information.

What type of labels do you supply?

We have a wide range of label types and formats, and typically stock labels in 0.5mm anodised aluminium and heavy duty polyester. Both are very durable. Aluminium will take more heat + wear and tear but polyester will fix better on curved surfaces.

We are able to supply custom labels in a wide variety of formats to meet other requirements including high security labels so strong that you would be hard pushed to get them off without damaging the equipment.

Contact our sales team for more information.

I want to label cables, chain, rope, ... the dog etc. Do you have a label for that?

We have many different formats of labels and feel that we can meet almost any kind of labelling need you may have.

Contact our sales team for more information.

We have concerns over the durability of the labels. How durable are they?

All our labels are manufactured with the unique codes in large printing presses using a multi layer manufacturing process and are backed with one of the most advanced permanent adhesives on the market. They are not printed using a user based label printer and as a result are incredibly tough. They do not even compare with the labels you can buy and print yourself.

Can you supply us with custom labels with our logo on?

Yes - but they will all still need to have the trackingThis ID and logo on. We are happy to supply labels with your company name or different contact details.

Contact our sales team for more information.

We have thousands of items that need adding. Can they be added in bulk?

Yes. We can import items from CSV, Excel, Access or TXT files. We may also be able to import from other formats.

Contact our sales team for more information.

We have thousands of items that need adding but can't spare the staff or the time to implement a new system. How much effort will your system take to implement?

Our system is designed to be very simple and easy to use. However, we understand that businesses can't spare the time to re-label all their equipment or re-engineer their processes to take a new system into account. To solve this problem we have 'Fixers' that will oversee the implementation and do whatever it takes to resolve any problems. This could be simple project management through, training or teams of staff to re-label all your kit for you.

We are a manufacturer and already put labels on our equipment. Can we add the trackingThis part to our own label?

Yes. We welcome manufacturers who want to integrate labels as this forms a very strong anti-counterfeit combination so we issue blocks of non-physical IDs to strategic partners. This also brings the cost per item down.

Contact our sales team for more information.

We already have a system for recording equipment records. Do I have to re-key everything?

No, not at all. Our system is designed so that records can be updated in a variety of different ways from the main site, the mobile site, our Web Service API or through email.

Please pass the details of your processes or systems to our sales team for more information.

How secure is your system?

Our system has many advanced level security features including hardware authentication tokens, row level encryption as well as traditional role based security methods.

When an item is registered, the privacy options can be set by the user. This allows any item to be set from full anonymous access through to owner only access.

The highest security options are not enabled by default as if used incorrectly, a forgotten password or repeated entry of a wrong password could make it impossible to decrypt the equipment records. If this happens, there is no way we can recover the data. If you need these options, please contact our sales team.

We have many users. Does you system allow multiple logins to one account?

Yes and no. Each set of login credentials should be specific to one person. A single company account can have many login codes - one for each employee who needs access. When a company is registered on the system, the registering user is set as the account administrator. The control panel allows additional users to be registered giving them access to the system.

We think our staff need training on your system. Can you do this?

All of our systems are designed on the principle that if you need training, they haven't been designed correctly. We can however provide training and assistance with integrating your businesses processes with trackingThis. If you have any questions on how to do something, contact our support team - they will be glad to help.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

trackingThis Certification

What is trackingThis Certification?

trackingThis Certification is a process that allows you to prove that all your equipment is maintained in accordance with the legal and industry guidelines and can be independently checked on the trackingThis Portal. It is currently still under consultation with industry partners.

What does trackingThis Certification involve?

  • All of your equipment that has to be checked for safety is registered on the portal
  • All registered equipment must be serviced and inspected in accordance with legal requirements, manufacturer and industry guidelines
  • All inspection and service records should be uploaded to the portal

What are the benefits of being certified?

By being able to independently prove that your equipment is maintained in accordance with the legal and industry guidelines you can achieve preferential rates from other companies.

How much does trackingThis Certification Cost?

Pricing has not been decided but it is intended to be as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to entry.

How do I sign up to be certified?

The certification process is still under consultation with industry partners but if you wish to get involved in that process we would like to hear from you.

trackingThis Venue Scheme

What is the Venue Scheme?

The Venue Scheme is a directory of venues or companies that recognise trackingThis as a way of accessing equipment records.

We are a Venue, how do we sign up?

You can sign up online by registering an account and indicating that you are a venue.

Does the Venue Scheme cost us anything?

No. The venue scheme is completely free.

Are there any other benefits of the Venue Scheme?

We are currently working with leading insurers to define a process where venues that raise their safety credentials through the use of trackingThis can achieve reduced liability insurance premiums. The Venue Scheme is all part of this process.

RFID and Automatic Checking

How does the automatic checking system work?

Items registered in the trackingThis portal that have an RFID tag can have the unique ID of the tag recorded in the portal. Locations such as entertainment venues would have high power RFID readers placed at strategic locations that record the unique ID of RFID tags within range. These IDs are checked in the trackingThis portal against the item's history and model specific requirements. If the requirements of the model are not met, the owner of the RFID reader is automatically notified with the details of the item in question.

What RFID tags does trackingThis support?

trackingThis is not specific to any one type of RFID tag. Multiple readers could be installed if needed to meet the requirements. Currently, we are working on the basis that all production tags would be UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 compatible. Our demonstration systems use ISO 15693 HF tags in order to demonstrate the process in close proximity.


Your web page / mobile version doesn't work on my browser or device!

Whilst we have been putting significant resource to ensure broad compatibility, it is inevitable that initial teething problems with certain devices will occur. Please contact our support department with as much details as possible and we will try to resolve the problem as soon as we can.

Your mobile version doesn't have all the features of the main site. How can I ... ?

The mobile version of our system is intentionally simple as it has to be useable from devices with limited resources. If there is something specific that you need to do on the mobile version, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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