Asset Management

Any data, any asset, anywhere, any time


Our asset management platform gives you a central point of knowledge for all your assets and the processes that go with them. From laptops to leisure centres; diggers to drivers. Any type of asset can be managed within our platform and any data or process controlled neatly within it.

Digital logbook for every asset

We give you a secure, but shareable, portal for each asset to store files, images, certificates and jobs centrally so everyone can easily access the records and processes they need - wherever and whenever they need them.

Inspections & Maintenance

Record and monitor your PAT, LOLER, PUWER, asbestos, legionella, fire safety, vehicle checks and more. It provides failsafe compliance with robust auditing, engaging reports and automated notifications.

Booking Management

Coordinate the movement of assets with our booking system so you can deliver on every customer order. Availability, pricing, documents, proposals and quotes, all tracked efficiently and accurately.

trackingThis Asset Management Profile

An asset’s data all in one place

Everything you need to know about an asset is held within its profile. From inspections to photos and videos it is all accessible through any Web-Connected device. This means you can track the asset’s lifecycle and never lose any data.

trackingThis Asset Management Labels

Quick access with QR codes and NFC

Our ultra-durable QR coded labels or NFC tags give quick and easy access to the full data or to start processes. This is a huge time saver freeing you up to get more done.
Find out more about our labels here

trackingThis Asset Management Rich Media

Better data for better decisions

With all data available in one place and processes that stop people from putting information in wrong, your reports will be much more valuable.

Plans will become more accurate and you can be confident in the decisions you make.

We save you from...

... losing things

Simple processes, barcoded labels, RFID and GPS tracking all reduce assets going missing.

... administration

Automated processes starting from accurate data will tell you what you need to know and do the heavy lifting for you - freeing you to get on with your day job.

... inconsistent spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great but they have limitations. When used to record asset data, they naturally drift away from accuracy. Unless you waste huge effort nurturing them, you end up with inaccurate data in no time.

... unexpected costs

By planning for your asset's lifecycle (maintenance, servicing, useful economic life, purchase and disposal) you will know when and how much you will spend keeping your assets serviceable for their whole life.