Theatre, Events and Production

trackingThis Asset Management Availability

Knowing where assets are at any given moment

Through the asset profile you can easily see if an asset is being used, who is using it and when it is coming back. This allows you to make quick decisions about ad hoc bookings and also plan for future use and maintenance of the item.

trackingThis Asset Management Profile

Quick and easy booking process

Whether you are doing hires, sub-hires, installs or sales these bookings can be created in minutes allowing you to get on with other work

trackingThis Asset Management Rich Media

Keep control of your inspections

The system can be set up to remind you when an asset needs an inspection. This can help you book time out for this in advance and make sure you are staying compliant with rules and regulations

We save you from...

... missing vital inspections.

The system will automatically remind you when assets need inspecting and even make sure it is not used until it is completed.

... losing assets with no trace.

Use our custom branded barcoded labels to make it clear which assets are yours and easily identify them within a crowd of hired assets.

... overwhelmingly complex bookings.

Add assets, contacts, documents and locations into a booking to make sure everything that is needed for the job is in one place and easy to find.

... inefficient employee scheduling.

Make sure you have everyone you need in the room at the right time by adding staff into bookings in advance.