Access your critical safety certificates and inspection reports from the cloud, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ensure compliance with health and safety regulators with a system that allows you to have proof of documentation instantaneously with the click of a button.

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Track your assets

Knowing where your assets are and who is using them at any given time so that you can ensure they come back on time and in good order. This also gives you the ability to follow up problems if something is found to be wrong with the asset.

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Get more out of your assets

Use our booking system to schedule inspections and maintenance for assets before it becomes critical. This will save you money on drastic maintenance projects or completely replacing the asset as well as reducing the possibility of an employee using an unsafe asset.

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Scheduling and booking

Make sure every job has the assets it needs by booking jobs in advance and assigning items to it. This allows time for scheduling issues to be brought up and resolved before the project needs to start, decreasing delays increasing the possibility of getting the job done first time.

We save you from...

... systems you can’t access on site.

Our system is cloud based so you can access all your data from any device wherever you are.

... inefficient employee scheduling.

Schedule employees time into jobs in advance to make sure everyone is available when you need them to be.

... complicated inspection workflows.

Create custom inspection workflows that are attached to the profiles of the assets who need them so that all the correct details get collected and stored directly against the asset.

... losing expensive assets.

Use our barcoded labels or a GPS tracking device to reduce the possibility of the asset going missing without trace.