Staff and Crew

trackingThis Asset Management Contacts

Track any changes staff make to the data

By giving every employee their own login it allows the system to log of all the changes each person makes.

Manage everyone in one place

With all your contacts stored in one place editing and adding details for your staff, contractors and clients couldn’t be easier.

Staff only see what you want them to see

Every contact can be put in any number of folders, allowing you to give everyone the correct level of security that they need to do their job. This allows everyone to access what they need whilst hiding sensitive information from anyone who doesn’t need to know.

trackingThis Asset Management Real-time Availability

See where everyone is at a glance

By setting up relevant dashboards you can see where everyone in your company is at any moment allowing you to manage your staff quickly and easily.

Easily allocate staff to jobs as well as assets

Just like assets and location, you can add staff to jobs. This makes sure they are available for the job and you can be sure the person getting the job done is fully qualified to do so. It can also aid you in efficiently scheduling staff for jobs whether on or off-site.

Staff clock in and clock out system

Using our check in and out dashboard you can make sure you know who is in the building at all times which can be invaluable in emergency situations. It can also be useful for tracking staff hours without having to rely on them to remember.