Booking Management

A booking for more than just rental companies


Booking assets out is often an integral part of how a business runs day to day. The trackingThis system is capable of handling complex bookings with multiple parts and including people and locations, however, it can also run simple bookings such as lending a laptop to an employee for a meeting. This means it is not only useful for rental companies but anyone who needs to assign equipment to people, no matter what it is.

trackingThis Asset Management Bookings

Availability and scheduling

Instantly see what will be available by taking into account any other records including other bookings, inspections, servicing, faults and anticipated asset end-of-life. View a timeline of your assets and see where everything is at a glance.

trackingThis Asset Management Real-time Availability


No one likes paperwork. Fortunately, our booking module does the job for you and is able to quotes, dispatch notes, collection notes, Carnets and invoices to make the booking process as smooth as possible.

trackingThis Asset Management Alerts

Reduce administration

Our system helps you to reduce the cost of a job. From creating documents to creating repeat bookings, your processes can become more efficient and cost effective.

Booking Features

We save you from...

...never quite knowing where an asset is.

Use the availability calendar to clearly see when an asset is being used, who it is being used by and when it is coming back.

...not noticing when an asset isn't brought back in time.

Automatic notifications alert you of issues such as late return or required items becoming faulty.

...getting drowned in data when a complex project is on the horizon.

Booking data can be organised according to your company's workflows and as much data as you need can be added.

...employees making costly mathematical mistakes.

Create costed jobs including assets, people and places with the cost consolidated for easy access to invoices and other relevant documentation.