System Customisation

Extending the system costs less than you might think.


Ultimate Platform Configuration™

Do you want the benefits of custom built software without the cost or support issues?

We believe that software should fit your needs, not the other way around. That's why we have created 'Ultimate Platform Configuration' - our unique solution that allows us to adapt our system to the exact functions you need.

Because of Ultimate Platform Configuration™, the possibilities of the trackingThis platform are truly unlimited. Every screen, record, document, report or process can be changed just for you.

With our platform everything you see, every data record, every question set, every rule, business flow is set using configuration files. To change the system to be what you need is just a matter of changing the configuration, not developing a new system.

We will analyse your needs with you and set up trackingThis with bespoke configuration to meet them as precisely as you require.

Configuration not Customisation - Customisation is expensive, a support nightmare, and usually leads to poor quality software due to budgetary restrictions. Our philosophy is to design a platform that will meet your needs with configuration rather than customisation.

As much as we like doing work for you, wouldn't it be better if you can make the changes yourself? We have a comprehensive API and development platform so that you can extend and customise the system yourself.