Inventory and Asset Management for Schools and Education

Easy to use software that lets you focus on teaching rather than administration


Our School Inventory Management system is a complete version of trackingThis designed to help schools everywhere manage their inventory throughout its lifecycle. From booking out laptops to students and teachers, to renting out the rooms for events, it is all made easier when the information you need is stored neatly and intuitively.

and visitor management

Allow staff and visitors to effortlessly sign in and out. Our contactless system tracks who is in the building with evacuation handling, COVID test & trace reports, visitor preregistration, multiple sign in points and more.

trackingThis Asset Management Profile
trackingThis Asset Management Profile

Booking and availability

Allow staff to book equipment in advance or ad hoc without the need for admin staff. The system works out which assets will be available and allocates them as needed, all whilst showing the data in an intuitive timeline for easy viewing.

Fault reporting

Allow users to report problems with assets or equipment. Faults show up as an alert which cannot be removed until the problem is cleared by an administrator. This will also show up on a list of faulty assets which can then be monitored by the admin and exported if needed to be used elsewhere.

trackingThis Alerts
trackingThis Asset Profile Screenshot

Digital logbook for every asset

Store images, files, certificates and jobs centrally so everyone can easily access the records and processes wherever and whenever they need them.

We save you from...

... losing things

Simple processes, barcoded labels, RFID and GPS tracking all reduce assets going missing.

... administration

Automated processes starting from accurate data will tell you what you need to know and do the heavy lifting for you - freeing you to get on with your day job.

... inconsistent spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great but they have limitations. When used to record asset data, they naturally drift away from accuracy. Unless you waste huge effort nurturing them, you end up with inaccurate data in no time.

... unexpected costs

By planning for your asset's lifecycle (maintenance, servicing, useful economic life, purchase and disposal) you will know when and how much you will spend keeping your assets serviceable for their whole life.