Our iPad and iPhone app allows you to connect and use Bluetooth scanners with our system.


ScannerLink is our iOS app which optimises use of our website with a bluetooth barcode scanner. This app should be used if you plan on using our website with a supported scanner.

Latest Version (16/08/2021)
Certificate Update


What scanners are supported by ScannerLink?

All Socket Mobile Bluetooth scanners are supported by ScannerLink. We recommend using the Socket Mobile 7Xi scanner.

Why won't ScannerLink install on my device?

As we use ad-hoc deployment for ScannerLink, it is likely that your device is not authorised to install it. Please contact your system administrator in order to get your device authorised.

Which version of ScannerLink should I install?

For compatibility and support we always recommend installing the latest version of ScannerLink which can be found on this webpage. Should it be required, we have also provided previous versions however we do not recommend installing these without instruction.

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