Buildings Management

Fault reporting

Make it easy for your employees, contractors and clients to report a fault in an asset. With a scan of a barcode and a small amount of information to type, you can be notified of the issue and start to plan its fix.

Track and organise inspections

Use the system to track when and how you are going to complete inspections before it gets critical. By planning in advance, you can guarantee the resources and employee time to get the job done in the most efficient way, saving you money on redoing rush jobs or fines for out-of-date inspections.

Contact groups with different security levels

When you have lots of people using the system you don’t want them all to have access to private and important data about the business and other people. With trackingThis you can make sure that each group of people has access to only the data needed for the task they need to do. This can range from an admin user with access to everything to someone who can only view data but not make any changes.

Store documents within profiles

Keep all your documents for an asset in one place in the cloud for safe keeping and easy access. No more storing paperwork in a very full filing cabinet with no real order to it.