Servicing and Maintenance

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Schedule jobs for the best efficiency

Plan ahead of time where jobs are and what order it is best to do them in. This allows you to make sure the jobs are getting done as efficiently as possible.

Complete the job in one visit

By knowing all the equipment needed for the day and the skills needed for each job they are more likely to be finished within the day with a happy customer.

Simplify your maintenance process

By simplifying the maintenance process and catching assets before they become critically damaged you can save yourself the money of replacing items and the downtime on jobs that need the asset in order to be finished.

Empower technicians in the field

By making sure all the information about the job is written down beforehand your technicians will be able to do their job to the best of their ability with all the tools they need.

Workflow systems

Create workflows for aspects of an employee’s work which can help to automate systems and make sure all data needing to be captured is done so in the right place and right time. This can be used for both in-company processes and client work.

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Dispatch the right technician

Planning jobs in advance allows you to send the right person to the right job. This increases the chances of a first-time fix and the client being happy with the work completed.

Create kits and assemblies

Many jobs use the same group of assets each time they are completed so by creating kits and assemblies you can make it easy for employees to book them out all at once whilst still being able to keep track on the status and wellbeing of the individual items.