Heat Testing our Aluminium Labels

Our aluminium labels are known to be very tough and perfect for your precious or heavily used assets because they will never come off and it takes a lot to scratch them. The manufacturer guarantees them up to 140°C, which is an amazingly high temperature anyway but, during a bored moment in the Christmas holiday lockdown, our MD, Chris decided to put this to the test.

This experiment started by putting a label in a 180°C oven and leaving it for an hour.


He then put the oven to as high as it would go (270°C) and left for another hour … and ...


Incredibly the label was completely unaffected, with all the writing still readable and the barcode still scannable!

This test was done on a label without adhesive so it would be interesting to see how it would fair - we suspect less well.

… oh and Chris says he wished he had cleaned the oven first.

We have some ideas of extreme tests we can put our labels through, but we would love to hear some of your suggestions!

To find out more about the labels we offer have a look at Labels - trackingThis

Published 29 June 2021 09:57 by Dawn Richards