Thought for the week – Even in business it’s expensive to be poor


We take pride in setting up accounts to make sure they deliver as much benefit as soon as possible. However, one new client the other week didn’t want our setup or training. Fortunately, they were very complimentary on how quick the system is to populate (thank you very much!) - but it got us thinking.

How much time did they spend inputting data when we would have done it for them?

Our engineers dream about spreadsheets. They import models whilst juggling eggs* and still have head space to complete the crossword. It’s just what they do - and what we pay them for.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s ESSENTIAL that our clients engage with the project. When management tells a department to use something without buy-in, failure is inevitable.

But why are some clients so keen on DIY?

Maybe they like new things. Maybe they don’t trust anyone else to get it right. Perhaps they simply don’t have the cash to pay for the setup or training?

As we were talking about it, James Baldwin’s concept of it being “… expensive to be poor” came up.

By paying for setup and training, our clients save time getting up to speed and the cost saving of that time (even at minimum wage) is more than we would charge.

If small companies are so cashflow restricted that they can’t afford the help that will save them money - then the game is unfair?

* no eggs were harmed during the making of this article

Published 24 September 2021 16:30 by Dawn Richards