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trackingThis Lost & Found Tags

trackingThis Lost & Found Tags - the most comprehensive item tracking product on the market

At trackingThis we have a surprisingly simple solution to ensure missing items are reunited with their owners. Tag up any item; be it a mobile phone, a digital camera, a handbag or even your favourite jacket and you can be rest assured, if a kind soul finds your missing item, they can contact you almost instantaneously.

Revolutionary System

trackingThis is an asset and inventory management system that creates unique, cloud-stored profiles for every item in the system. You can store, structure, and analyse any record, document, or file type in the profile, and access this information easily and securely with a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

How does it work?

Buy a 'Lost and Found' pack of tags from your nearest retailer or directly from trackingThis and tag any item you wish, choosing from a variety of label types.

Register an account for free on the trackingThis website and create a catalogue of your valuable possessions, managing their status and details.

If one of your items goes missing and is found by Joe Public the smart QR barcodes can either be scanned using a barcode scanner app or manually typed into our trackingThis search engine, allowing the finder to contact you directly. Your missing item is returned to you safely and in one piece. It really is that easy.

To find out more about our 'lost and found' tags contact our friendly sales team directly on
0845 3131845 or email

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