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trackingThis Inventory & Job Management

trackingThis creates and stores online profiles for physical things, guaranteeing the integrity, visibility and accessibility of asset, inspection, service and safety records

What's in the box?

trackingThis is a robust and flexible asset management system that gives easy and immediate access to item-specific information.

The entertainment industry depends on equipment at every step of its daily operation. The trackingThis asset management system holds centralised, immediately accessible inventory records for each and every item. Each asset has a unique QR label, allowing you to access its profile by scanning the label with your smartphone or tablet.

Report faults, update maintenance records, or review the history of any item – in seconds, on your smartphone. When supporting documentation is needed, the system can hold any record or file that you create and upload. Notes, images, videos, and inspection records can all be held in the item profile.

The functionality of your profiles is endlessly configurable, thanks to our Ultimate Platform Configuration™. During setup and configuration, we will work together with you to analyse your business needs and make sure the system meets and exceeds your expectations.

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