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trackingThis Safety Auditing

trackingThis provides online profiles for physical things - guaranteeing the integrity, visibility and accessibility of asset, inspection, service and safety records

Will this Work?

All businesses have a duty of care, enshrined in UK law, to employees, visitors and customers. Fire extinguishers, for example, should be checked monthly by a competent person and any business employing more than five people are legally obliged to keep a record of these inspections.

trackingThis gives you confidence that safety inspections have been completed. It makes it easy to comply with legislation by creating easily accessed, yet secure, safety inspection records that can be shared with 3rd parties. For internal monitoring, the dashboard gives an instant overview of your safety inspection status.

With trackingThis, you can improve operational efficiency, make regulatory compliance easy, ensure and prove due diligence over potential risks. This revolutionary asset management system can record inspections of any type of safety equipment that you use in your organisation. These records can be accessed, managed, and shared through the trackingThis portal from Internet-enabled devices.

trackingThis can be configured to suit any regulatory framework, whether it is BS5306:3 fire extinguisher visual inspection, LOLER, PPE, or PAT. Once the system is set up, it is a secure, robust, and easy to use tool for inspections and audits.

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