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Features of Safety Auditing

trackingThis provides online profiles for physical things - guaranteeing the integrity, visibility and accessibility of asset, inspection, service and safety records


Explore the many features trackingThis has to offer and realise the systems potential.

  • No Need to Install any Software
  • Full system access on any device
  • High-security data storage
  • 3rd Party Engagement
  • Ultimate Platform Configuration™
  • Unique profile for each asset
  • Asset Register
  • Inventory and warranty records
  • Regulatory frameworks and standard inspections
  • Custom Inspections
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance and fault reporting management
  • Documents created with Microsoft Office templates
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • High quality labels available in a wide range of materials
  • After sales support and training
  • Development environment to add custom functionality
  • Comprehensive API
  • Satisfaction guarantee

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